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With all scenic beauty found in South Africa, the country has become a photographer’s dream destination. Cape Town’s incredible diversity of beautiful locations in close proximity is what makes it perfect for all your needs: white sand beaches, dunes, majestic mountains, lush forest, farm areas, and all category houses (modern, beach houses, Moroccan, classic…).

Sunny blue skies and lack of rain is South African summers is a major draw factor for European clients.

The modeling talent and diversity is abundant during the summer season in Cape Town, from advertising to editorials, from catalogues to photo library.

MO’ offers its services in English as English is the most commonly spoken languag.

Mobile Phones
All European mobile phones work in South Africa so family, friends and work colleagues are still readily contactable.

The cost of producing in Cape Town is still good value for money despite the fluctuation of our currency.

Flights & Jetlag
Direct flights are available from Europe to South Africa. Most of them are overnight so no work day is missed and European time is very similar to South Africa time.

Professionalism & Crew
Cape Town in particular has build up a reputation as a “shoot town” over the last few years and professionalism has become part of the trade. There is no doubt the standard of quality and experience of our crew is exceptionally high.

Photographic Equipment
We have a huge selection of “state of the Art” equipment from digital to lighting to labs to latest cameras and laptops…

Vaccination & Malaria
No vaccinations are required when coming to South Africa and no malaria medication is necessary except the Kruger Park region

We have a wide variety of high quality restaurants with extraordinary food to choose from. Still today, it is the best value for money.


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